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Flo Box: Void Fill Box Dispenser for Loose Fill Chips

Our box dispenser for loose fill chips is a superb addition to our void fill range. A practical method of dispensing packing chips as void fill, the Flo Box also eliminates the need to find room for bulky material in your valuable storage space. The loose fill dispensing kit is ideal when you need simple access to the packing chips.

It contains 150 litres / 5 cubic feet of this cost-effective void fill solution, which offers excellent protection to your products while in transit.

Lightweight and recyclable, our degradable loose fill is a clean ideal cushioning to package your items.

Size 5 cubic feet
Pack Qty 1
Our Price
16.00 GBP / Pack ex VAT

19.20 GBP / Pack inc VAT
Packs ex VAT inc VAT
Buy 1 + 16.00 GBP / Pack 19.20 GBP / Pack
Buy 2 + 15.00 GBP / Pack 18.00 GBP / Pack
Buy 4 + 14.50 GBP / Pack 17.40 GBP / Pack
An effective and efficient loosefill chip dispensing system, our boxes of loose fill enable you to use the chips, also known as packing peanuts, more efficiently. Our Flo Box is the most convenient way to store and pour out the chips when there is limited space.
Smaller than typical Super-8 polystyrene chips, these loose fill chips deliver the same superior performance, eliminating unnecessary spaces in your cartons or cardboard boxes. They are especially designed to mould around your products, even those with irregular shapes, and can be used over again.
Our box dispenser is ideal for the free-flowing nature of loose fill chips and will speed up packing while providing secure cushioning of your packed goods, keeping your items in place during transit.
Our boxes of loose fill meet the growing need for a sustainable but high-performing product, while being environmentally responsible. Flexible and portable, the box dispenser for loose fill chips, Flo Box, can be carried or stored anywhere you like.

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