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Cardboard Boxes

What Is A Cardboard Box Made Of?
Boxes can be made from solid fibreboard, greyboard, chipboard or even strawboard, or from corrugated board where a fluted paper material is trapped between 2 layers to create a board of greater strength. All the cardboard boxes we stock are from corrugated board, and are often referred to as corrugated cases or cartons, however boxes from any material can be made to order. *(See the ‘Custom Packaging’ link on our website).

What Is Meant By ‘Single Wall’ or ‘Double Wall’ Boxes?

Put simply, single wall is one layer of fluted material between two layers of paper whilst double wall is two layers of fluted material. This makes double wall much stronger, in fact it is more than twice as strong.

How To Measure Boxes

All box dimensions displayed on our site are in the order of:
Length x Width x Depth.
Sizes shown on our site will always be the internal dimensions of the box
once constructed, and in millimetres, to enable you to see easily and accurately if your item will fit. 

To measure a box, you will need to be aware of the 3 basic measurements
Measure from the base of the box, the LONGEST side.
Width: Measure from the base of the box, the SHORTEST side.
Depth: Measure from the base of the box, to the TOP – (height).

You will need to remember these basic measurements too if you need to determine what size box you will need for a particular item.
When doing this, always try to use a tape measure.  You will find it far more accurate than a ruler.  Follow the rules above and you can’t go wrong.

Something to consider…..

Will My Items Need Cushioning/Protection?
Remember, if this is the case, you will need to allow more space in your box to allow for this.  Have a look through our Protection, Cushioning and Wrapping section to view our extensive range of options.  Remember, you will need to add to your Length, Width and Depth dimensions to allow for this.

Tip….  The more space you leave, the more cushioning you can fit in.

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