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EBK Combination Strapping Tool Plus

To secure medium to heavy duty loads and pallets more conveniently and with a stronger grip, use our Combinational Strapping Tool Plus. This top of the range combo strapping tool, designed to function as both tensioner and sealer/cutter, is used with serrated seals to produce extra grip and reduce strapping slippage. The combination banding tool significantly reduces operator fatigue as well, being easy to handle and requiring minimal effort. Fast in use, our combination strapping tensioner is lightweight and versatile to address a wide range of 12mm polypropylene strapping requirements, whether horizontal or vertical, specifically on flat surfaces.

Code EBK12
Size 12mm strapping
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560.00 GBP / Pack ex VAT

672.00 GBP / Pack inc VAT
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Buy 1 + 560.00 GBP / Pack 672.00 GBP / Pack
Spare yourself stress and worry by ensuring that your packages and palletised loads are tightly secured while in transit. Our EBK combo strapping tool PLUS, used with 12mm polypropylene hand strapping and serrated seals, is an all-in-one tool tensioner, sealer and cutter that delivers stronger seals. This strapping combinational tool makes the sealing process faster and more convenient, saving time, energy and money.
The simple yet ergonomic design of our combo strapping tool allows users to operate it easily. It also minimises fatigue, thus enabling its operator to produce more seals for more loads. This cost-effective solution is ideal for polypropylene hand strapping up to 12mm wide.
The combination banding tool PLUS is suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications. Its tensioning system and sealing mechanism produce high strap tension and reliable efficient sealing.
Flexible and versatile, our combinational strapping tool PLUS can be used for a wide range of sealing needs.

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