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Strapping Accessories

Protect and secure your packages further with our strapping tools accessories!  Made especially to complement and reinforce the efficiency of our packing materials, strapping protectors and strapping seals keep your parcels in perfect shape while in transit. They are suitable for 12mm wide hand strapping.
We have plastic strapping edge protectors to protect the edge of your boxes from polypropylene strapping, cardboard edge protectors which protect items from impact, standard semi-open strapping seals for strapping standard-sized objects, heavy duty semi-open strapping seals for tightly securing heavier loads, and heavy duty serrated strapping seals when you need an even stronger grip.

Semi Open Strapping Seals

Our semi open polyprop strapping seals made of premium grade steel ensure strong joints and secure packaging. Use the standard strapping seals with hand strapping and a combination or standard sealer.

Heavy Duty Semi Open Strapping Seals

Sealing polypropylene strapping firmly, our heavy duty semi open strapping seals ensure the safety of packages in transit. They are ideal to use with hand strapping and combination or standard sealer.

Serrated Strapping Seals

Stronger than standard strapping seals, serrated strapping seals are designed specifically to eliminate hand strapping slippage. They bite into the straps firmly, thus securing them more efficiently.

Strapping Edge Protectors

Strapping edge protectors prevent carton damage when using polypropylene strapping. The black plastic strapping edge protectors are made from durable plastic and are available in two sizes.

Cardboard Strapping Edge Protectors

Made from 100% recycled paperboard, our cardboard edge protectors distribute poly strapping tension more evenly and thus prevent corner and edge damage. They are great for securing pallet loads.

Choose the perfect strapping accessory for your packages from our range of strap strapping seals and edge protectors. You can heave a sigh of relief as regards the protection of your parcels and packages during shipping because these easy to use strapping tools boost the strength and protection provided by our packaging materials. 

Our plastic strap protectors are designed to shield your boxes’ edges from polypropylene strapping and so avoid carton damage. The edge protectors on the other hand, manufactured from recycled materials, are made to protect items from impact. They also enhance the wrapping and packing capability of packaging materials, especially when used for objects with irregular shapes.
The standard semi-open strapping seals are ideal for sealing everyday packages with hand strapping and a standard or combination sealer tool, while the semi-open heavy duty strapping seals are excellent for tightly sealing heavier package loads. The heavy duty serrated strapping seals are great for medium to heavy duty packaging where you require a very tight fastening.
Choose any or all of our strap and edge protectors, and strapping seals for all your packing applications – these strapping tools accessories give all your packaging that professional finish.

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