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Heavy Duty Semi Open Strapping Seals

Use our heavy duty semi-open strapping seals when you need to fasten polypropylene strapping around heavier loads of packages. They are made of high quality hard steel so you can be assured of their strength and durability.
Designed for use with 12mm wide hand strapping and a tensioner and sealer (or even more conveniently with a combination tool), the strapping seals slide easily over polypropylene straps. You just fit the seal over the overlapping ends of strapping during or after tensioning and close with the strapping tool.
Each pack of our heavy-duty semi-open strapping seals contains 2000 seal pieces

Code 12HD
Size 12mm
Pack Qty 2000
Our Price
20.00 GBP / Pack ex VAT

24.00 GBP / Pack inc VAT
Packs ex VAT inc VAT
Buy 1 + 20.00 GBP / Pack 24.00 GBP / Pack
Buy 3 + 18.00 GBP / Pack 21.60 GBP / Pack
Buy 5 + 17.00 GBP / Pack 20.40 GBP / Pack
Secure your loads tightly and efficiently with our heavy duty semi-open strapping seals for peace of mind when shipping packages. Our strapping seals reinforce the security and protection that your poly strapping provides to your cartons and boxes. Heavy duty strapping seals are ideal for fastening palletised loads and keeping the hand strapping safely fixed.
With strong joints of top quality steel, our heavy duty semi-open poly strapping seals are ideal for heavier packages. They are made to function most efficiently with 12mm/ ½ inch polypropylene strapping and work perfectly with the use of a tensioner and standard sealer (or a combination tool).
To use the strapping seals, place them over overlapping strap ends after or during tensioning and then close with the use of the combination tool or just a standard sealer.
If you need additional strength, you may require serrated strapping seals, which can also be used very effectively with our polypropylene strapping.

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