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Postal Packaging & Mailing Supplies

Our range of postal packaging provides the complete and perfect solution for ensuring the safety and protection of all kinds of parcel. Each of our postal packing products is specifically designed for ease of use and convenience, plus strength and durability.

Securely mail your important documents or posters using our postal tubes, or send hatching eggs in the post safely with our polystyrene egg hatching boxes. Our foam-lined postal boxes will protect your fragile or delicate goods from damages or scratches, while our polythene mailing bags, padded or bubble-lined envelopes, and coloured jiffy bags provide lightweight and economical postal packing.

Mail Lite Plus Bubble Envelopes – Oyster

Our Mail Lite Plus bubble envelopes in 10 sizes protect heavier or fragile items in the post. Strong oyster white kraft outer with AirCap barrier-sealed bubble lining. Include peel & seal closure

Mail Lite Bubble Envelopes

Our Mail Lite economy bubble envelope is the practical low cost answer to posting semi-fragile items. Available in 10 sizes they are lightweight but strong and keep mailing costs to a minimum.

Mail Lite Padded Envelopes

The original padded bag, our Mail Lite envelopes come in 10 sizes, perfect for individual and high-volume mailing needs. The self-seal padded mailing envelopes give maximum protection to CDs and DVDs.

Aircap Bubble Bags - Self Seal

Aircap bubble bags self seal are easy to use and protect items from scratches. They are transparent so you can check on the contents. We have 7 sizes, from large bubble bags to small bubble wrap bags.

Antistatic Aircap Bubble Bags - Self Seal

Ideal for packaging computer components and sensitive electronics, our antistatic bubble bags are highly protective while being lightweight and easy to use. The Aircap bubble wrap bags are self-seal, and come in seven sizes.

Documents Enclosed Wallets - Plain

Our plain documents enclosed envelopes come in 4 sizes and with the peel-off backing, stick firmly to all types of packaging. The protective pouches hold invoices and other paperwork and often double up as shipping labels.

Document Enclosed Wallets - Printed

Our printed document enclosed wallets with “DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED” printed on them draw customers’ attention to paperwork attached to packages. The clear self adhesive pouches are strong and waterproof and come in 5 sizes.

Cardboard Postal Boxes

Delivered flat and quick to assemble, our convenient self-seal postal boxes for shipping provide strong cardboard protection for fragile items. The postal mail boxes do not need taping or gluing. Available in two sizes.

White Postal Boxes / Cartons

Our self-locking white postal boxes are available in 4 sizes and can be customised. Robust with triple thickness sides, these cardboard mailing cartons are easy to assemble and come in packs of 25.  Within Royal Mail's size restrictions!


Foam Lined Cardboard Postal Boxes

Our padded foam lined postal boxes are specifically designed for the storage, posting and shipping of delicate and fragile items. There is a choice of three popular sizes in packs of 10.

Book Mailing Boxes

Our cardboard book boxes are available in 2 sizes. They are one of the most user-friendly book mailers, being convenient and easy to use. The book packaging fits tightly round flat materials so no need for extra cartons to pack them in.

CD & DVD Mailers

Our disc mailers are the economical yet effective way to post DVDs and CDs. The CD packaging cases consists of high-quality corrugated cardboard material to safeguard the contents from damage.

Board Backed Brown Envelopes – A4 and A5

Our board backed envelopes printed “Please do not bend” are peel-and-sea and are available in 2 sizes. Our strong card backed envelopes A4 and A5 ensure the security of important documents in the post.

Cylindrical Bottle Pack - Cardboard Box With Polystyrene

Our cylindrical bottle packaging, made from polystyrene and corrugated    cardboard, protects your bottles in transit.  It is the perfect bottle and wine packaging solution.  Royal Mail Post Office Approved.

A3 Postal Tubes

Our cardboard postal tubes fit A3-sized documents perfectly and are ideal for mailing or storing artwork, plans and posters. Strong and durable, they hold your contents in place and can be reused.

Cardboard Postal Tubes – Holds up to A2 POSTERS etc

Postal tubes offer professional presentation to documents of up to A2 in size. Cardboard tubes keep your posters etc safe and secure in the mail or storage with end caps to hold the contents in place. Available in 2 sizes.

A1 Postal Tubes – To take posters, plans etc up to A1 size

For storing and shipping A1-sized records and documents, our recyclable postal tubes which are available in 4 different sizes, offer the ideal packing solution. A rigid cardboard tube with plastic ends keeps the contents secure and in place.

A0 Postal Tubes

Our A0 postal tubes are versatile and presentable solutions for packing A0-sized documents such as maps, posters and charts for storage and shipping. The cardboard tubes which come in 2 sizes, are economical and reusable.

B2 Postal Tubes

Our postal tubes for B2 size documents come in 2 sizes and are strong, economical and versatile. Simple and quick to use, they keep your records safe. End caps hold the contents securely and protect them from dust.

B1 Postal Tubes

The postal tubes for B1-sized documents and prints come in 2 sizes and offer an ideal solution for storing or transporting items like charts and drawings. The cardboard tubes packaging keeps them free from dirt and dust.

Large Cardboard Postal Tubes – B0 size

Charts and documents up to B0 in size are better stored or mailed in our postal tubes which are light, economical and easy to use. Complete with end caps, the cardboard tubes secure contents safely. Available in four sizes.

Mail Tuff Polythene Mailing Envelopes

For everyday postal needs use our economical lightweight peel and seal opaque polythene mailing envelopes. Stronger and more durable than paper envelopes, they are waterproof and resistant to tearing. 6 sizes.

Grey Polythene Envelopes / Bags – Self Seal

Securely package and post your items with our waterproof grey plastic mailing bags / envelopes. The easy to use self seal polythene envelopes / bags in 10 sizes are highly protective and stronger than paper envelopes.


Red Coloured Bubble Envelopes

Available in two popular sizes, our red coloured envelopes are designed to add excitement and elegance to your mailings. Versatile and cheap, the foil envelopes are suitable for a wide range of business and personal use.

Blue Coloured Bubble Envelopes

Our blue metallic envelopes are stylish coloured bubble bags in 2 sizes. Tasteful and elegant, the blue foil envelopes are ideal for posting mail shots and made from superior cushioning material

Gold Coloured Bubble Envelopes

Our stunning gold coloured bubble bags come in two sizes and are just like traditional bubble-lined mailers but with more exciting colours. The foil envelopes are protective and easy to use with their self-seal closure.

Green Coloured Bubble Envelopes

Eye catching green coloured bubble bags transform your packages. Tough, highly protective with resistance to puncturing and available in 2 sizes, these bright & fun coloured envelopes are versatile & easy to use.

Black Coloured Bubble Envelopes

Our black coloured envelopes give your packages a stylish presentation with protection. The foil bubble bags are tough, cheap to post and ideal for a wide range of light to medium weight objects. Two sizes available.

Silver Coloured Bubble Envelopes

Silver metallic bubble bags have the benefits of traditional bubble envelopes while adding excitement and fun to your packages. Easy seal adhesive strips allow secure closure and quick packaging. 2 sizes available.

Coloured Bubble TechnoBags

Choose our fun bubble lined TechnoBags for that extra special gift or marketing promotion.  Available in six vibrant colours; Pink, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Black and Silver in 3 sizes; A5, A4 and A3.

Polystyrene Mug Packaging

Perfect for packing standard mugs, our polystyrene mug packaging give superb protection while being lightweight and simple to use. The sturdy and reliable mug boxes fits snugly to prevent damage in transit.

Polystyrene Hatching Box - Small

Our polystyrene small egg hatching boxes are the ideal solution for posting eggs with minimum breakage. Specially designed curved soft sides give ultimate protection for packing small eggs.

Polystyrene Hatching Box - Medium

Keeping eggs securely in place and minimising breakages, our polystyrene hatching boxes for medium-sized eggs is the best way to send eggs in the post. Their tailor-made shaping gives superb protection.

Polystyrene Hatching Boxes - Large

The sturdy design of our large low-density polystyrene egg postal boxes makes them ideal for transporting large eggs, minimising breakages. Our hatching box has a curved and soft bottom to further protect the eggs.

Expanded Polystyrene Cool Box

Choose a cool box from our insulated containers in 3 sizes. Polystyrene boxes are strong and the cost-effective way to mail fresh produce and frozen food safely, ideal insulated food containers.

There’s no need to worry about mailing important or breakable items, thanks to our postal packaging selection. For everyday use we have polythene mailing bags, mail lite padded envelopes – the traditional lightweight postal bag – and for extra protection bubble-lined envelopes

Fun postal packaging

Our coloured bubble bags provide a fun alternative in yellow, orange, black, pink, blue or silver. Great for marketing your products and getting your customers attention. All ranges are available in a variety of sizes.
Our cardboard postal tubes also come in many sizes and are the perfect way to post valuable documents conveniently, while our foam-lined cardboard postal boxes are specifically designed to store or ship fragile and delicate items.
To avoid breakages when sending hatching eggs, use our expanded polystyrene egg boxes for small, medium or large eggs. Our mug packs and cool boxes complete an impressive choice of secure postal packaging made from premium quality materials, supplying the answer to a wide range of postal packaging and mailing needs.

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