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Polythene Heat Sealers with Cutter and Free Spares Kit

Our plastic bag polythene heat sealers in 3 widths provide airtight and watertight seals to all grades of polythene bag and thermoplastic materials. The plastic heat sealer with cutter is especially useful to make bags to suit your requirements, sealing and cutting polythene layflat tubing for the length of bag you want. 
Free: We also supply an extra spares kit for your heat sealer at no extra cost, which includes 1 Blade, 2 Heating Elements, 3 Upper Teflons and 1 Lower Teflon.
Portable and lightweight, the heat sealers use a normal 240v outlet and provide instant heat, cooling down quickly after use. You simply open the jaws of the portable sealer, manually lower the sealing bar, then hold down to cut the polythene and produce a neat finish before releasing when the sealing is complete.

Size 200mm
Pack Qty 1
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74.00 GBP / Pack ex VAT

88.80 GBP / Pack inc VAT
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Buy 2 + 63.00 GBP / Pack 75.60 GBP / Pack
Size 300mm
Pack Qty 1
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89.00 GBP / Pack ex VAT

106.80 GBP / Pack inc VAT
Packs ex VAT inc VAT
Buy 1 + 89.00 GBP / Pack 106.80 GBP / Pack
Buy 2 + 71.50 GBP / Pack 85.80 GBP / Pack
Size 400mm
Pack Qty 1
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94.00 GBP / Pack ex VAT

112.80 GBP / Pack inc VAT
Packs ex VAT inc VAT
Buy 1 + 94.00 GBP / Pack 112.80 GBP / Pack
Buy 2 + 82.00 GBP / Pack 98.40 GBP / Pack
Great for high volume packaging applications, our reliable plastic heat sealers easily and efficiently seal plastic pouches or polythene bags. Available in 200mm, 300mm and 400mm widths and supplied with a warranty, our heat sealing equipment is pretested to ensure durability and reliability.
Our plastic heat sealer is especially designed for plastic bags and polythene layflat tubing, regardless of their grades. The portability and immediate heat of our heat sealer make it ideal for use in a busy packing station. To operate, just open the hand sealer bar, position your polythene and lower the bar to seal it with a watertight and airtight seal. Our heat bag sealer with cutter gives a neat finish as well as sizing bags from polythene tubing.
Running from a 240v outlet, our polythene heat sealer is invaluable in many different industries, particularly for plastic sealing and packaging. Our heat sealers make the transport of goods simpler and more secure.

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