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Polythene Bags

Polythene bags are invaluable in various work areas, whether industrial, commercial or domestic. Available in lightweight, medium and heavyweight grades, our plastic bags are made from top quality clear polythene to keep your goods clean and dry while in transport or storage. Our poly bags come in up to 14 different sizes and can be used for a wide range of packing and storage applications.
With an unsealed top, the clear plastic bags are convenient to use and are supplied in packs of 1,000 or 500 for some larger sizes. They can be sealed simply with ties, a bag neck sealer or with one of our heat sealers.

Lightweight Plastic Bags

Our light duty plastic bags are ideal for a wide range of storage and packaging applications. The poly bags protect from dust and moisture and are available in 14 different sizes to suit all your needs. 

Medium Duty Polythene Bags

Ideal for packing medium weight objects, our medium duty polythene bags are versatile, strong and made from high clarity material. We have 11 sizes of plastic bag to cater for every packaging need.

Heavy Duty Polythene Bags

Our heavy duty plastic bags are the ideal wrapping and packing solution for transporting or storing heavyweight objects. The polythene bags are made from 400 gauge material for superior strength. Bags are available in 12 sizes.

Plain Self Seal Polythene Bags

Our plain polythene resealable bags in 19 sizes are ideal for packing & protecting lightweight items. The grip seals on the transparent polythene self seal bags stay firmly shut but can be quickly opened.

Polythene Heavyweight Self Seal Bags

Our heavy duty resealable bags are ideal for packing and protecting heavier items. The transparent polythene self seal bags come in 6 sizes. The grip seals stay firmly shut but can be quickly opened.

Polythene Self Seal Bags - WRITE ON PANELS

Our polythene resealable bags with write-on panels are good for lightweight packing uses and allow easy labelling. The grip seals on the self seal bags stay firmly shut but can be opened quickly. Comes in a range of 15 sizes.

When you need a packing solution that addresses a wide range of packing applications, our polythene bags offer you an ideal and cost-effective choice. Perfect for packaging a huge range of items from small light components to booklets and garments, our polybags come in 3 types: lightweight, medium and heavyweight. The plastic bags also offer you a wide selection of sizes, ensuring they meet all your packaging and packing requirements.
Our three grades of poly bag are 80-120, 200-250 and 400-500 gauge polythene, all made of high quality material with a high clarity feature giving you a classy and hygienic clear plastic bag. This protects the contents from moisture and dust while letting you easily monitor your goods while they are stored or in transit. 
So convenient to have at hand, our plastic bags can be sealed with ties, tape or a heat sealer. You will find a multitude of uses for our polythene bags at home, school and in the office or warehouse.

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