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Polystyrene Loose Fill Packing Peanuts - Flopak Super-8

Our polystyrene loose fill chips or packaging peanuts are an economical void fill solution while being environmentally responsible. Flopak Super-8 GREEN polystyrene is the new truly biodegradable loose fill made of 100% recycled polystyrene and is also reusable many times.
The biodegradable peanuts are clean and easy to use as you simply pour them into your cartons or cardboard boxes to protect your products and fill up unnecessary space. The loose fill chip provides superior protective packaging and being lightweight keeps down shipping costs. Biodegradable Super-8 loose fill is even lighter than crumpled paper and much gentler on the hands.

Size 15 cubic feet
Pack Qty 1
Our Price
32.00 GBP / Pack ex VAT

38.40 GBP / Pack inc VAT
Packs ex VAT inc VAT
Buy 2 + 27.00 GBP / Pack 32.40 GBP / Pack
Buy 4 + 22.00 GBP / Pack 26.40 GBP / Pack
Buy 8 + 20.00 GBP / Pack 24.00 GBP / Pack
Polystyrene loose fill is a highly convenient way to safeguard your fragile products from breakages in transit or in storage. You can cushion the smallest item from being crushed or shaken as our packing peanuts provide superior product protection from knocks and bumps.

Use our polystyrene chips to pack any size or shape box. They make an ideal void fill material, filling up every nook and cranny so there’s no need to worry about packing odd-shaped items. You can pack several items in the same box and keep them separated with this economical loose fill.
Our polystyrene loose fill chips / packing peanuts meet the growing need for sustainable products while providing superb performance. Environmentally friendly and light, they can even be used as crock at the bottom of plant tubs. Super-8 loosefill is the first ever 100% recycled biodegradable loose fill packing and its unique figure 8 shape interlocks to hold your products securely in place. It protects your products better, increases your packers’ efficiency and decreases your shipping costs.

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