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Polystyrene Hatching Box - Small

Specifically designed to keep eggs firmly but gently in place, our small polystyrene hatching box is the ideal solution for safely packing and posting small eggs such as small bantams and miniature breeds. This egg postal box features soft and curved bottoms to provide superior protection to the eggs in transit.
Unlike its cheap alternatives, our egg packaging is made of low-density polystyrene that withstands knocks better while also insulating and protecting the eggs from moisture. Our polystyrene egg boxes are also capable of retaining their original shape and strength even after several usages.

Size Small
Pack Qty 20
Our Price
33.50 GBP / Pack ex VAT

40.20 GBP / Pack inc VAT
Packs ex VAT inc VAT
Buy 2 + 32.00 GBP / Pack 38.40 GBP / Pack
Buy 5 + 27.50 GBP / Pack 33.00 GBP / Pack
One of the main problems to overcome when transporting eggs is possible movement of the eggs which might lead to breakages. With our lightweight polystyrene hatching boxes, this problem is addressed thanks to the soft padding inside the egg postal boxes which holds your eggs securely, thus reducing breakages while providing you with a cost-effective mailing solution.
The holes of our small egg packaging measure 36mm in diameter with a curved base of 25mm depth. Each egg hatching box takes 6 small eggs, perfect for posting eggs of miniature breeds, including small bantams. The boxes for hatching eggs are available in packs of 20, with discounts on bulk buys.
An excellent insulating material, the polystyrene of our egg packaging box protects the eggs from varying temperatures, even extreme ones. For the same reason, it is also physically impossible for our polystyrene hatching box to make the eggs hotter or colder than their original temperature.

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