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Packing Equipment

For a more productive and convenient packing process, choose from our range of packing equipment and materials. From adhesive tape guns to jumbo paper roll dispensers and practical packing stations, our packing room supplies are designed to make life easier when packaging items for shipping or storage. We have all the packaging tools and mailroom equipment you will need.
As packing materials suppliers we have a wealth of experience, so you can rely on our expertise and be assured of the quality and cost-effectiveness of our packaging products.

Carton Sizer Tool for Sizing Cardboard Boxes

Get the ideal height for your packing boxes and cartons by using our carton sizer. This handy tool is a convenient and easy-to-use box reducer solution designed to create a perfect fit for your items.


Light Duty Hot Melt Glue Guns

Ideal for light industrial applications and craft work, our hot glue gun is invaluable for a variety of repetitive light duty uses. Used with glue sticks, the glue gun is clean and easy to use.

Medium Duty Hot Melt Glue Guns

Our medium duty hot melt glue gun is ideal for industrial and educational applications on ceramics, metal, wood, paper, plastic and cardboard. The hot glue gun bonds surfaces cleanly and invisibly.

Industrial Hot Melt Glue Guns

Used with 43mm glue gun slugs, our industrial hot melt glue gun suits high output and industrial use. The hot glue gun instantly bonds various items, notably those needing strong adhesive seals.

Hot Melt Glue Sticks - Brown General Purpose

The 12mm sticks of brown hot melt glue are ideal for general purpose adhesive applications. Use with a hot melt glue gun for DIY applications, packaging and in schools, crafts, industry and offices.

Hot Melt Clear Glue Sticks – 12mm, 5kg

Clear hot melt glue gun sticks are perfect for many applications. Easy to use hot melt glue gives strong bonds and sticks ceramics, plastic materials and craft work as well as wood and light gauge metal.

Fast Packaging Hot Melt Glue Sticks – 12mm, 5kg

Quickly applied for increased production, our brown fast packaging hot melt glue gun sticks produce a strong and mess-free adhesive. Great on cardboard, they are used with our 12mm hot melt glue guns. 

Hot Melt Glue Slugs - Brown General Purpose

Highly effective and economical, brown general purpose hot melt glue slugs are excellent for a wide range of adhesive needs. The hot melt glue system bonds fast and reliably, using a hot melt glue gun.

Hot Melt Glue Slugs - Clear

Cost-effective and easy to use, clear hot melt glue slugs are versatile high output adhesives suitable for volume packaging. Use with 43mm hot melt glue guns. Hot melt glue is ideal for delicate work.

Hot Melt Glue Slugs - Brown Fast Packaging

A good value solution to a wide range of packaging needs, these brown fast packaging hot melt glue slugs improve hot melt glue gun output and so increase productivity. They are easy and quick to use.

Paper Roll Dispensers 1200mm and 1500mm

Easy to use, our mobile jumbo paper roll dispenses holds and cuts wrapping materials like bubble film, corrugated paper, wrapping paper and foam packaging rolls. The paper dispensers are available in 2 widths.


Paper Dispensers

Our paper dispensers cut Kraft brown paper rolls safely and quickly. The paper roll holder is ideal for wrapping and packing parcels and can be used as a wall-mounted or counter roll paper dispenser. 3 sizes.

Packaging Table

Our flat packed packaging table keeps the work area clean and tidy for maximum efficiency. Easy to set up, the steel framed packaging station has a sturdy packing table top plus shelving and mandrels for paper rolls, bubble wrap etc. Delivery Free.

Packing Station

Our modular packaging workstation is a space-saving ergonomic and flexible packing table. Modules can be added or removed to suit your use. It takes rolls of packing materials plus packing accessories.

Permanent Marker Pens - Red, Blue and Black

Make addressing and labelling packages easier with a reliable quick-drying permanent marker pen. Our waterproof marker pens in red, blue and black write on vinyl, plastic, wood, metal and glass.


Polythene Bag Heat Sealers - without Cutter

Perfect for making watertight and airtight seals on bags, our bag heat sealers without a cutter suits all grades of polythene. Our convenient heat sealer, in 3 widths, has instant heating and cooling. Free spares kit included.

Polythene Heat Sealers with Cutter

Our polythene heat sealing equipment, with cutter, comes in 3 widths suits all types of polythene bags, including sealing flat polythene tubing.
Includes free spares kit.

Fragile Adhesive Labels / Stickers

Our “Fragile” stickers warn handlers to give extra protection to packages in transit. The printed labels on rolls are self-adhesive and come in 2 sizes. “Handle with Care” is on the larger size.


Tape Guns

With a comfortable grip, our easy to use high quality tape gun is perfect for dispensing heavy-duty packing tapes to seal your cartons and packages, making the bundles stronger and more secure. Available in 2 sizes.


Desktop Tape Dispenser for 25mm & 50mm Adhesive Tape

Our 25mm and 50mm desktop tape dispensers come in two different sizes and are ideal for home and office, with one-handed operation for each pull and cut tape dispenser. Our desktop dispenser is tough and reliable yet economical.

Our range of products are ideal for any warehouse or business involved in high volume and heavy duty shipping as all of our packing machinery is designed to boost the organisation and productivity of a fulfilment house or the mailing department.
Our paper dispensers are indispensable for providing fast and efficient void fill or wrapping, while keeping the work area tidy. To seal your packages and boxes, choose from our range of adhesive tape dispensers and glue guns with various glue strength and colour options. They will all give the professional finish you require.
Our carton sizer tool is an ingenious money-saving product that you use to reduce the height of cardboard boxes – so you won’t need to keep so many different box sizes in store. Other cost-effective packing materials include polythene heat sealers with a cutter, which enable you to make your own plastic bags from polythene tubing. We also supply sealers without a cutter for sealing alone.
For extra convenience we offer you our space-saving economy packing table or custom modular packing bench.
We don’t forget the small details either, like reliable marker pens, all essential packing equipment to help you take control of the packing process.

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