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Moving Packaging, Materials and Accessories

Everything you need for fast, secure and convenient moving packaging is here! Whether you are a student, a family or a business person in charge of an office, we should have what you require.
Our range of moving packaging is designed to make the process easier and more convenient. We include everything from wardrobe boxes to refuse sacks, completing your moving boxes and packing supplies. Or add to our moving kits from the moving packing materials.
If you can’t what you need here, or elsewhere on the site, then do give us a call and we will be pleased to help you.

cardboard moving boxes with bubblewrap & tape Moving Packs
We offer a choice of 7 convenient moving packs - from a student, a flat move to large house or office move – right up to super size moves. Each one contains strong cardboard boxes. Extra packing accessories, listed below, can be added as required.

various sized packing & moving cardboard boxes Double Wall Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
Cardboard boxes are the basic essential when packing for moving. Our popular strong double wall cardboard boxes come in 17 sizes. Supplied flat and bundled for easy handling, the cartons are made from top grade twin fluted corrugated board.

single wall packing & moving cardboard boxes Single Wall Corrugated Cardboard Boxes  
With 27 different sized boxes to choose from, use these economical flat-packed single wall corrugated boxes to pack or store a wide range of objects. Fully recyclable, they are strong enough to be used over again. Handy and great for business use.

hanging garment cardboard moving box with rail Wardrobe Boxes
Our wardrobe boxes with hand-holes make moving clothes so easy and you’ll need at least one. Sturdy and strong, they are great for storage too, with a plastic hanging bar for garments and a locking strip. They are flat-packed and simple to assemble.

moving packing boxes with separate lids for documents Storage & Archive Boxes with Base and Lid
We have two sizes of cardboard storage boxes with separate lids and hand-holes, ideal for use as archive boxes when packing or storing documents and important files. Supplied flat, they are sturdy, stack well and protect your items from dust.

moving packing boxes with hinged lids for documents Archive Storage Boxes with Hinged Lid
For extra convenience we have cardboard archive boxes with hinged lids. Coming in one size, they are durable and robust, an excellent affordable solution for long-term storage of documents and files. With hand-holes and totally recyclable.

cardboard poster tubes with caps for removal packing Cardboard Postal Tubes
With 7 sizes on offer, use our recyclable cardboard tubes with firmly-fitting end caps to secure your posters, prints, maps and other documents or artwork during the move. Postal tubes are ideal for safely storing or moving any rollable papers.

polythene bag for packing items when moving Heavy Duty Polythene Bags
You can rely on the strength of these heavy duty plastic bags with welded bottoms. Have a selection ready for those difficult-to-pack or heavy items as well as for loose keys and small items, or if you run out of cardboard boxes. In 12 sizes.

polystyrene corners for protecting pictures during removal Moulded Polystyrene Picture Frame Corners
Made from expanded polystyrene, our shock-absorbing picture frame corner protectors safeguard the corners of mirrors, paintings, framed photos or notice boards from chips or bending in transit or storage. Recyclable, reusable and simple to apply.

    Paper Blankets
Paper blankets are the convenient and reliable way to wrap furniture, TVs, computer screens and white goods for moving – any items that require protection from surface damage. The recyclable 5ply blankets also protect metal from rust in storage.

brown packing tape for packing & moving boxes Economy Brown Packing Tape
Perfect for sealing cartons, our low cost brown packing polypropylene tape is tough enough for your packing boxes. Good for storage boxes, too, as it withstands damp and changes in temperature. It is supplied in economical packs of 36 66m rolls.

low noise brown packing tape for moving boxes Low Noise Acrylic Polypropylene Tape
Acrylic polypropylene packing tape is the answer if you want to keep the noise down in your packing area. The release of the tape is virtually noise free thanks to water-based adhesive. It’s environmentally friendly too. Comes in packs of 6.

coloured tapes for marking removal boxes Coloured Adhesive Tapes
We have 7 different colours of vinyl adhesive tape, which are perfect for colour coding removal boxes. A bonus is that you can write on the tape with a permanent marker pen. With excellent adhesion, the tape comes in 66m rolls in packs of 6.

printed warning tapes for packing & moving boxes Warning Tapes
Superb low noise carton sealing tapes which also alert handlers when extra care is needed. Choose from ‘fragile’, handle with care’, glass with care’ or ‘caution’ - all printed on 66m rolls of premium vinyl tape. No need for special labels.

tape gun for removal packing tape Tape Guns
Make life easier during packing for moving with one of our easy to use tape guns in a choice of 2 widths. They have a comfortable grip as they dispense any of our packing tapes to seal your cartons with an all-in-one roll-off and cut movement.

coloured pens for marking packing boxes Marker Pens
For marking on cardboard boxes or coloured tapes we have non-toxic permanent marker pens in red, black and blue. Quick-drying and waterproof, the pens are great for identifying items for removals and storage. Will write on a range of surfaces.

bubblewrap rolls for moving packaging Large Aircap Bubble Wrap in Rolls
This non-abrasive and flexible bubble wrap is perfect for cushioning and protecting fragile items, even if they are oddly shaped. Also good for interleaving between items. Available in 6 widths, each roll is 45m long. Reusable and recyclable.

white newsprint paper sheets for removal packing White Newsprint Offcuts
Newsprint paper is the most economical and popular wrapping/interleaving when moving house. Supplied in sheets, clean and quick to use, it leaves no dirty marks like old newspapers. Scrunch it up as a general space filler. Biodegradable.

embossed paper rolls for moving packaging Straw Paper
Soft, good value and biodegradable, straw paper is a wonderful handy all-round wrapping material. It makes ideal protective interleaving for the most delicate porcelain and is also great as voidfill. Tear off as needed from the 75m roll.

foam rolls as interleaving packing material Protective Foam Rolls
Easy-tear non-abrasive tough but flexible foam packaging, ideal for protecting furniture, glass and china. In rolls of 18 widths and up to 4mm thickness, it conforms easily to the object it wraps. Makes superb interleaving between plates, etc.

tissue sheets to wrap silver for moving White Acid Free Tissue Paper
Silverware should be wrapped in our high quality acid free tissue paper before being packed for moving. The paper has anti-tarnish properties and is flexible and soft. In a choice of 2 sizes, the tissue paper is supplied as easy-to-use sheets.

tissue sheets as interleaving & moving packing material White Economy Tissue
Silverware should be wrapped in our high quality acid free tissue paper before being packed for moving. The paper has anti-tarnish properties and is flexible and soft. In a choice of 2 sizes, the tissue paper is supplied as easy-to-use sheets.

black polythene rubbish bags for house removal Heavy Duty Black Refuse Sacks - Extra Strong
Don’t forget to take with you some black polythene refuse sacks. These are extra large, tough and high quality, equally suitable for use indoors or outside, and will carry heavy loads. Our extra strong bin bags are a must-have when moving.

black heavy duty packing tape for moving packing boxes Black Gaffer Tape
Hand-tearable yet strong, heavy duty black gaffer tape is useful to keep handy during your move. Use it especially when you require to seal packing boxes with an extra-strong packaging tape, or to bundle cables. Supplied in packs of 6, 50m rolls.

With a wide choice of packing supplies for moving, we guarantee you a more convenient, easy and stress-free move! With a choice of moving accessories you can be sure of getting just the right materials for your move requirements.
As well as the essential moving boxes our removal packaging includes storage boxes and cardboard postal tubes for artwork or large documents. We also have heavy duty polythene bags for items that are difficult to pack, protective picture frame corners and refuse sacks.
You may be interested in our basic whole moving packs containing moving boxes and packing supplies. You can customise and add to these by mixing and matching from our packing and moving materials. You might need extra wardrobe boxes or, for your important files and documents, archive boxes with base and lid. For packing bottles, choose from our six and twelve bottle packs.
Our moving accessories include adhesive packing tapes which range from economy brown packing tape, low-noise acrylic polypropylene tape, coloured tapes and warning tapes for easy handling of your products. Use them with our tape guns for easier packing and marker pens for labelling.
Don’t forget you’ll need to protect your items with wrapping or void fill. Newsprint off cuts and bubble wrap rolls are vital moving packaging accessories while for packing fragile goods we have packing tissue papers and foam rolls.

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