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Polystyrene Cool Boxes

The protective and excellent thermal properties of our strong cool boxes make them the perfect way to post temperature-sensitive products. Available in 3 sizes from 2.75 to 7.75 litres, our polystyrene boxes are multi-purpose and can be used for many applications such as sending fresh or frozen foods, wine and fragile items. Insulated containers are ideally suited for goods like fresh fruits and frozen food, with the strength of expanded polystyrene adding outstanding protection and temperature performance to the cool boxes.
Our insulated boxes are non-toxic, odourless and moisture-resistant as well as being strong but lightweight, so reducing postage costs.
Size 140x140x140mm (2.75ltr)
Pack Qty 25
Our Price
175.00 GBP / Pack ex VAT

210.00 GBP / Pack inc VAT
Packs ex VAT inc VAT
Buy 3 + 135.00 GBP / Pack 162.00 GBP / Pack
Buy 5 + 110.00 GBP / Pack 132.00 GBP / Pack
Size 150x150x150mm (3.4ltr)
Pack Qty 25
Our Price
295.00 GBP / Pack ex VAT

354.00 GBP / Pack inc VAT
Packs ex VAT inc VAT
Buy 3 + 210.00 GBP / Pack 252.00 GBP / Pack
Buy 5 + 180.00 GBP / Pack 216.00 GBP / Pack
Size 209x209x178mm (8ltr)
Pack Qty 25
Our Price
290.00 GBP / Pack ex VAT

348.00 GBP / Pack inc VAT
Packs ex VAT inc VAT
Buy 3 + 205.00 GBP / Pack 246.00 GBP / Pack
Buy 5 + 175.00 GBP / Pack 210.00 GBP / Pack
* There is currently a lead time of 2-3 days on this item
The perfect answer when you need to transport goods that are sensitive to temperature, our cool boxes are great insulated food containers. Made from expanded polystyrene, the insulated containers ensure that products such as frozen food and fresh produce are kept at a stable temperature and so retain their best quality.
Expanded polystyrene is the best insulating packaging material and the most cost-effective. Our polystyrene boxes provide the perfect cushioning to protect contents from being knocked, shocked and bumped during transit.
Odourless, non-toxic and with high moisture resistance, our cool boxes make ideal insulated storage containers. They are lightweight, so are convenient to load and unload, while also cutting down postage costs. Meanwhile the strength of the insulated boxes supports the weight of the contents, ensuring that your goods reach their destination in perfect condition.
Our multi-purpose insulated cool boxes / containers comes in a range of 3 sizes: 2.75 litres, 3.4 litres and 7.75 litres and are supplied in packs of 25.

Larger sizes are available.  Please contact the sales team for further information.

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