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Polystyrene Egg Hatching Postal Boxes - Large

Our large polystyrene egg postal boxes make it simple and safe to mail your hatching eggs such as those of ducks or other large fowl. Our hatching boxes give eggs the ultimate protection in cushioning and insulation, thanks to their inner padding and construction from low-density polystyrene.
Specially tailored to fit bigger eggs, our egg packaging in large has 6 holes of 46mm diameter and curved base 31mm deep. Each hatchling box comes in packs of 20.

Size Large
Pack Qty 20
Our Price
33.50 GBP / Pack ex VAT

40.20 GBP / Pack inc VAT
Packs ex VAT inc VAT
Buy 2 + 32.00 GBP / Pack 38.40 GBP / Pack
Buy 5 + 27.50 GBP / Pack 33.00 GBP / Pack
The unique features of our large polystyrene hatching box will take away your worries  when sending eggs of large fowls in the post. Not to be confused with cheaper egg hatching boxes, our polystyrene egg packing boxes are cleverly made to cushion and protect your eggs perfectly while in transit. Each pack of our egg packaging contains 20 boxes for hatching eggs with six holes each, and the opportunity for bulk-buy discounts.
Risk of breakage from knocks or bumps is greatly reduced by the use of low-density polystyrene to make our egg postal boxes. Not only does this material protect the eggs by acting as a superb shock-absorber, it also insulates them against moisture and crucially maintains their temperature – whatever it may be outside.
A strategically designed bottom, curved and soft, ensures your eggs get the ultimate in protection, unlike cheaper alternative hatching egg packaging with flat bottoms and straight sides. Seal with our FRAGILE adhesive tape for extra security.
Nestled in our egg postal packaging, the eggs of large fowls including ducks will safely reach their destination. All our polystyrene hatching boxes, whether small, medium or large, can be reused several times due to its sturdy construction.

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