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Double Wall Printer Boxes

Because our double wall printer boxes are extra strong and durable, they are guaranteed to deliver quality performance. These double wall cartons are highly popular with print packaging companies as not only are they are made of superior twin-fluted corrugated cardboard, but work with standard UK print sizes. They are ideal to use when you want to ensure your printed material stays in perfect condition during transit.
Totally recyclable and re-usable,  the double wall printer cartons come in A3 or A4 sizes, and the depth can easily be adjusted with a carton resizer. They are supplied flat to save you space and are easy to assemble to save you time.

Code L47
Size 305 x 228 x 228mm A4
Pack Qty 20
Our Price
15.00 GBP / Pack ex VAT

18.00 GBP / Pack inc VAT
Packs ex VAT inc VAT
Buy 1 + 15.00 GBP / Pack 18.00 GBP / Pack
Buy 2 + 11.00 GBP / Pack 13.20 GBP / Pack
Code L54
Size 457 x 305 x 254mm A3
Pack Qty 20
Our Price
22.00 GBP / Pack ex VAT

26.40 GBP / Pack inc VAT
Packs ex VAT inc VAT
Buy 1 + 22.00 GBP / Pack 26.40 GBP / Pack
Buy 2 + 16.00 GBP / Pack 19.20 GBP / Pack
Buy 6 + 13.00 GBP / Pack 15.60 GBP / Pack
We offer print packaging companies a stationery packaging solution that will add a margin to their profit line while giving their clients top quality. Our double wall print boxes, with superior strength and resilience, provide a reliable solution to print shops and the print trade in general. These cardboard boxes are designed to move or store printed matter and documents safely and in perfect condition.
They are friendly to the environment, being re-usable and recyclable, and because they are delivered flat and easy to assemble, they save storage space as well as production time.
The double wall printer boxes are available in 305 x 228 x 228mm (A4) and 457 x 305 x 254mm (A3) sizes. It is advised when packing print boxes always to fill them to the top to ensure stackability and internal strength. If you don’t have enough printed matter you can top up with pillow packaging or paper void fill which will also keep your printing in place. Alternatively, a carton resizer is a useful tool as it allows you to trim the stationery box to the depth required. Seal the double wall boxes with packing tape for extra security.
Produced to the industry standard and constructed from strong corrugated kraft board, our double wall cartons are also ideal as archival printer boxes or general stationery boxes.

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