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Cardboard Boxes & Cartons for Packaging, Storage & Shipping

Our cardboard boxes and cartons provide excellent protection for a variety of items while in transit or storage. Constructed from durable and sturdy materials, our product range is the answer to all your packing needs – from archive boxes to moving boxes, wardrobe boxes, and even bottle boxes. They are purposely designed to make packaging convenient and worry-free.

From light to heavy items, there is at least one cardboard box in our list to suit your requirement.

Quick and easy to use, our corrugated boxes are functional and economical too. They are also good for the environment because they are 100% re-usable and recyclable!

Customised Cardboard Boxes

Boost your business with custom-made cardboard boxes / cartons which can be made to any size.  They can also be printed with your design or logo to your requirements.  Your boxes can be made from a varied range of boards all readily available.


Storage & Archive Boxes with Base and Lid

Our cardboard storage boxes with separate lids offer archive boxes which are sturdy and dust free. They are supplied flat and have hand-holes. Available in 2 sizes!

Archive Storage Boxes with Hinged Lid

Our cardboard archive boxes with hinged lids are perfect for both packing and storage. The boxes offer sturdy and durable, dust free storage for your files, records and other important items.

Double Wall Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Our double wall boxes, made from high quality twin fluted corrugated board, are among the most popular in our range of cardboard boxes & cartons. The are supplied flat and are bundled for easy handling in 25 sizes!

Single Wall Boxes / Cartons

Our single wall cardboard boxes are ideal for storage, packing and shipping a wide range or items. These single wall cartons come in over 25 sizes & are strong, sturdy and 100% re-usable.

Multi Depth Boxes / Adjustable Height Boxes

Multi depth cardboard boxes in double wall are a flexible packaging solution as they feature pre-scored sides that can easily be folded to the required depth. Our adjustable height boxes are durable and can be recycled.

Cardboard Postal Boxes

Delivered flat and quick to assemble, our convenient self-seal postal boxes for shipping provide strong cardboard protection for fragile items. The postal mail boxes do not need taping or gluing. Available in two sizes.

White Postal Boxes / Cartons

Our self-locking white postal boxes are available in 4 sizes and can be customised. Robust with triple thickness sides, these cardboard mailing cartons are easy to assemble and come in packs of 25.  Within Royal Mail's size restrictions!


Foam Lined Cardboard Postal Boxes

Our padded foam lined postal boxes are specifically designed for the storage, posting and shipping of delicate and fragile items. There is a choice of three popular sizes in packs of 10.

Double Wall Printer Boxes

Double wall print boxes have the advantage of extra strength and durability, perfect to use for print packaging or stationery storage. The cardboard boxes are of industry standard and in 2 sizes.

Book Mailing Boxes

Our cardboard book boxes are available in 2 sizes. They are one of the most user-friendly book mailers, being convenient and easy to use. The book packaging fits tightly round flat materials so no need for extra cartons to pack them in.

Single Wall Printer Boxes

Affordable, efficient and available in 4 sizes, our single wall printer boxes are the ideal boxes for printed materials in perfect condition while they are in transit or storage.

CD & DVD Mailers

Our disc mailers are the economical yet effective way to post DVDs and CDs. The CD packaging cases consists of high-quality corrugated cardboard material to safeguard the contents from damage.

Cylindrical Bottle Pack - Cardboard Box With Polystyrene

Our cylindrical bottle packaging, made from polystyrene and corrugated    cardboard, protects your bottles in transit.  It is the perfect bottle and wine packaging solution.  Royal Mail Post Office Approved.

Two Bottle Pack - Cardboard Case With Polystyrene

Our two-bottle box is the answer for fragile postal packaging. Expanded polystyrene casing inside sturdy cardboard box provides complete protection in transit for wine, champagne or spirit bottles.

Three Bottle Pack - Cardboard Case With Polystyrene

Our three-bottle box is the answer for shipping your wine, champagne and spirit bottles safely.  Expanded polystyrene tubes inside a sturdy cardboard packing box provides the perfect fragile postal packaging solution.

Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes

Our wardrobe boxes are strong and sturdy with a plastic hanging bar and locking strip, making them perfect for storage and moving. Delivered flat - easy to assemble. Buy 1 or more.

Student Moving Boxes & Kits

Perfect for a stress-free university move, our student moving kits contain all the necessary moving cartons and packing accessories. All the student moving boxes are flat-packed and easy to assemble.

Starter Moving Pack

Our starter moving kit has moving boxes (double walled) & moving accessories - bubble wrap, tape, pens etc designed to cater for a smaller move

Small Moving Pack

Our small moving pack includes cardboard moving boxes in small, standard & large sizes & packaging accessories for a hassle-free 2-bed or small move

Medium Moving Pack

Our medium moving kit includes double walled moving boxes along with a comprehensive range of packing accessories.

Large Moving Pack

Our large moving kit / moving pack contains a comprehensive range of cardboard moving boxes, wardrobe boxes & packing accessories etc. Delivery Free!


Super Size Moving Pack

Our super size moving kit contains a range of cardboard removal boxes, wardrobe boxes, bubble pack & other packing accessories etc. Free Delivery!

Office Moving Kits

Our office moving packs includes 50 heavy duty boxes for moving in various sizes to cater to all office moves plus a wide range packing materials including a strapping kit & protective air cushions.

Cardboard Recycling Bins

Our flat-packed recycling waste bins are made of strong recycled unbleached Kraft board. They come with preprinted & blank labels for flexibility. Great for offices, schools, exhibitions & events etc.

Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

Our cardboard sheets make instant protective corrugated packaging. Cut them to size and use as layering or walls in cartons or pallets. Corrugated sheets are easy to store, recyclable and reusable.

You will not be disappointed by our cardboard boxes. Whether for lightweight or heavyweight packaging and storage, for home or office, our range of shipping boxes is specifically designed meet your needs. They are manufactured using the highest quality of corrugated cardboard materials to ensure that your contents are protected and kept from any damage during storage or transit.
Should you need to secure your boxes in any way then see our range of adhesive tape, including warning tapes for fragile items. Our adhesive coloured tape is great for colour coding your contents. For fragile items take a look at our extensive range of void fill packaging solutions.
For your ease and convenience, all of our cardboard boxes and cartons are environmentally friendly and supplied flat for quick and easy assembly. This feature makes them easy to store, so you can use your removal boxes again and again.

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