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Mail Lite Bubble & Padded Envelopes/Mailers

Our bubble-lined envelopes and padded envelopes, in 10 sizes of each, provide ideal protective packaging for posting a wide range of items. The bubble wrap envelopes come in two grades: extra strong oyster coloured mailer Mail Lite PLUS and economical white Mail Lite. Both are lightweight and have a crisp clean appearance.  The padded envelopes filled with macerated paper are supplied in gold.
The secret of the toughness of our bubble pack envelopes lies in their bubble wrap lining, which cushions contents against bumps or shocks. The smooth interior allows quick insertion of your products for speedy packing, and the self-seal feature provides convenient and secure closure. Our bubble mailer envelopes have a Kraft paper exterior for easy labelling.

In addition, our padded bags are also a popular choice as they are completely 100% recyclable whilst offering the same superior protection.

The popular self-seal Mail Lite padded envelopes are filled with a macerated paper lining with a gold Kraft paper outer which is extra tough keeping your valued items safe in transit.  With double glued bottom flaps and four fold corners you can be assured that these padded envelopes provide the strength and security required.

Mail Lite Plus Bubble Envelopes – Oyster

Our Mail Lite Plus bubble envelopes in 10 sizes protect heavier or fragile items in the post. Strong oyster white kraft outer with AirCap barrier-sealed bubble lining. Include peel & seal closure

Mail Lite Bubble Envelopes

Our Mail Lite economy bubble envelope is the practical low cost answer to posting semi-fragile items. Available in 10 sizes they are lightweight but strong and keep mailing costs to a minimum.

Mail Lite Padded Envelopes

The original padded bag, our Mail Lite envelopes come in 10 sizes, perfect for individual and high-volume mailing needs. The self-seal padded mailing envelopes give maximum protection to CDs and DVDs.

Our mailing envelopes each feature a cushioned lining which protects the contents from knocks, bumps and damage in transit. Bubble lined and padded envelopes are a cost-effective packaging solution compared to boxes as they are much lighter, saving postage, and convenient to pack and seal. We have two varieties of bubble lined envelope, the tough Mail Lite PLUS envelopes in an oyster colour and the Mail Lite envelopes in white along with the tradional gold padded bag.
Mail Lite PLUS and padded envelopes are extra strong envelopes perfect for posting fragile and heavier items such as large books, tools and electronic equipment. The lighter Mail Lite bubble wrap envelopes are great for posting light to medium weight goods like DVDs, CDs, jewellery, brochures and clothing.
There’s no need for tapes and staples as our jiffy bags feature convenient peal and seal closures, and you don’t even need a label as the Kraft paper exterior of our mailing envelopes is easy to write on. However, labels stick well to this surface should you choose to use them.

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