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Paper Wrapping for Packing, Cushioning and Void Fill

Economical and high-performing, our wrapping paper products for packing and cushioning are the cost-effective solution for packaging, cushioning and void fill. They are durable, flexible and manageable enough to apply in various packaging operations.
Pure kraft brown paper features a high burst strength ideal for medium to heavy duty wrapping while our brown imitation kraft paper rolls are great for light to medium wrapping. Cut these rolls using our paper dispensers for neat and easy cuts.
For cushioning your items, use our inexpensive and versatile globular straw paper or white newsprint offcuts. They can be scrunched up as an effective void fill.

Corrugated Paper Rolls

Our versatile corrugated paper rolls provide affordable protective packaging for fragile and odd-shaped items during transit. We have 8 widths of single faced corrugated packaging to meet your needs.

Pure Kraft Brown Paper

Pure Kraft paper is the strongest protective brown packing paper, ideal for medium to heavy duty wrapping. Available in kraft paper rolls, its smooth finish gives parcels top quality presentation. 3 sizes available.

Imitation Kraft Brown Paper Rolls

Durable and flexible, our imitation Kraft brown paper wrapping comes in 3 sizes and is a low-cost brown packing paper for general purpose applications, notably light to medium duty packing. It can be re-used and recycled.

Paper Dispensers

Our paper dispensers cut Kraft brown paper rolls safely and quickly. The paper roll holder is ideal for wrapping and packing parcels and can be used as a wall-mounted or counter roll paper dispenser. 3 sizes.

FillPak TT Machine - Manual

For busy packaging stations, the FillPak TT system quickly and easily makes economical biodegradable kraft paper void fill. The lightweight paper packing material is great for top and side void fill.

FillPak Paper

Fillpak void fill paper is a natural versatile wrapping and kraft paper fill solution, light, cost-efficient and perfect with our FillPak TT void fill machines. It is recyclable and biodegradable.

Upak Brown Wrapping Paper and Void Fill

Brown wrapping paper & paper void fill in one easy dispensing portable box. Great for low volume packaging & packing requirements. Requires minimal storage and portable for different locations.

Paper Blankets

Paper blankets for moving are ideal to protect furniture including antiques or white goods in transit or store. 5 Ply 10/pack 1050 x 1800mm. Packing paper blankets are a great alternative to polythene wrapping.

Straw Paper

For great value void fill and protective packing choose our environmentally friendly globular straw paper. Clean, soft and absorbent, it is perfect for general purpose packaging especially china goods.

White Acid Free Tissue Paper

Our acid free tissue paper is perfect for wrapping delicate objects such as jewellery and silverware. Soft and flexible, it is made of high quality packing tissue with anti-tarnish properties. Comes available in 2 sizes.

White Economy Tissue

Our white tissue paper is the effective economical solution to a wide range of general wrapping and packing applications. Packing tissue paper is ideal for interleaving, scrunching and void filling. 2 sizes.

Paper Void Fill

News print void fill is a clean natural packaging material that can be scrunched up as space filler in packaging. The paper offcuts sheets are easy to use and excellent for wrapping and interleaving.

If you are on a tight budget for wrapping or cushioning materials you can choose from our choice of wrapping paper! Made from recycled materials, these environmentally-friendly brown paper rolls, straw paper and newsprint offcuts provide an economical solution to a number of wrapping and cushioning needs.
Use our pure kraft wrapping paper when you need medium and heavy duty wrapping. With its high burst strength, it guarantees to provide top quality packing performance. A cheaper option is the brown imitation kraft paper, made from 100% recycled fibres. This is an ideal wrapping solution for light to medium duty uses. We have the answer too for easy handling of these brown paper rolls: our user-friendly paper dispensers, which also produce clean and professional-looking cuts.
For when you want to cushion or protect your items there are our cheap but effective solutions such as globular straw paper and white newsprint offcuts. These versatile products not only cushion items but scrunched up can be used to fill gaps in cartons or parcels. Straw paper is especially good for fragile goods such as china.
You will be delighted with the excellent presentation, efficiency and savings that our kraft paper and brown paper wrapping products bring to your packing process.

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