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Hot Melt Glue Slugs - Brown General Purpose

Brown general purpose hot melt glue slugs are made especially for a wide range of adhesive applications. Highly effective, these 43mm hot melt glue slugs are economical and flexible. Applied with a heavy duty 43mm hot melt glue gun, this adhesive is excellent on most paper types and board substrates – and even on small delicate items!

Our hot melt glue system produces minimum gaps between the surfaces to be glued, thus forming very strong bonds. The hot melt glue also prevents stringing, giving a neater finish and leaving very minimal waste. These slugs are available in cost-effective 10kg packs

Code GLUE 95/43
Size 43mm SLUG
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Forget about messy and expensive adhesives – use our brown general purpose hot melt glue! These 43mm hot melt glue slugs guarantee increased productivity due to their convenience and flexibility. Exactly fitting our 43mm glue guns, the slugs quickly cool and reach bonding strength. Thanks to the adhesive’s low viscosity, our hot melt glue slugs prevent stringing and leave minimum gaps between the surfaces, providing you with a clean smart finish.
Because they leave minimal waste, general purpose hot melt glue slugs are the perfect adhesive answer for office, industry, crafts, school and even do-it-yourself applications.
Aside from being excellent on various substrates, particularly cardboard and paper, the hot melt glue system is also perfect when you need to work with small and delicate items.
Giving you with everything you may need for an adhesive solution, these general purpose brown hot melt glue slugs are reliable workhorses and very easy to use.

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