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Blown Stretch Film – Premium Grade

Our high tack premium grade blown stretch film offers an excellent palletising solution to various goods, particularly those that need extra strength and durability. Great for stabilising your palletised products during transit and storage, our blown stretch wrap, available here in 3 strengths, accommodates odd and irregular shapes, improving efficiency in handling and storing.
Suitable in cold store, our thicker and stronger packaging film has high resistance to moisture, dust and dirt. It provides wraps that are extremely tight to ensure your products’ security and protection. The stretch wrapping is easy to operate and quick to apply either manually or with a dispenser.

Code SWB17400
Size 400mm x 250m (Thickness: 17 Micron)
Pack Qty 6
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42.00 GBP / Pack inc VAT
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Code SWB20400
Size 400mm x 250m (Thickness: 20 Micron)
Pack Qty 6
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39.00 GBP / Pack ex VAT

46.80 GBP / Pack inc VAT
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Code SWB20500
Size 500mm x 250m (Thickness: 20 Micron)
Pack Qty 6
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Code SWB34400
Size 400mm x 150m (Thickness: 34 Micron)
Pack Qty 6
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46.00 GBP / Pack ex VAT

55.20 GBP / Pack inc VAT
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Buy 5 + 40.00 GBP / Pack 48.00 GBP / Pack
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Our blown pallet wrap will ease your worries when securing and stabilising your palletised loads while in storage or transit. It provides an excellent performance even for goods that have an irregular shape.
This ideal polythene packaging solution is supplied in two widths, 400mm and 500m, and is available in 17, 20 and 34 micron, all supplied in convenient packs of 6 rolls. Whether applied with a dispenser or by hand, our premium grade pallet stretch gives you secure and top quality protection. Quick to set up, the packing film can be managed even by packers who are just beginners.
Suitable in cold storage, our high tack blown stretch film is thicker and stronger, ideal for items requiring extra strength. It protects your products from dirt, dust and moisture. And because the heavy duty wrapping film is resistant to tears and punctures, it improves the efficiency of storing and handling palletised goods.

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