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Mini-Pak’R Pillow Packaging – Novus Double Cushion

Ideal for larger void fill requirements, the Novus double pillow packaging is a quick and easy solution for side-filling and top-filling your packing boxes and cartons. Air bag packaging provides superior cushioning and high impact resistance, keeping items in place while they are being transported. This flexible double cushion packaging is excellent for pre-boxed items as well products such as books.
Weighing 30% less than other packaging solutions, the Novus double packing air bags cut down on postage while providing your products with clean, dust-free protection. Designed for easy handling and separation, they are inflated with our Mini-Pak’R air pillow machine.

Size 400mm x 200m
Pack Qty 1
Our Price
56.50 GBP / Pack ex VAT

67.80 GBP / Pack inc VAT
Packs ex VAT inc VAT
Buy 3 + 51.00 GBP / Pack 61.20 GBP / Pack
Buy 6 + 44.00 GBP / Pack 52.80 GBP / Pack
Stop your products from moving in their carton or box with our strong Novus double pillow pack packaging. It is specially made for larger void fill requirements, giving block and brace protection so there’s no need to worry about damage to your items inside oversized packing cartons or boxes. This large flexible packaging cushion is a clean, professional way of providing high impact resistance to your goods. It has the added advantages of being extremely light, so reduces shipping costs, and is reusable or recyclable.
Easy to handle and separate, the packaging pillow perforated film comes in a 400mm x 200m size that is easily loaded on the air cushion packaging MiniPak’R machine to form economical yet highly effective packing air bags. Use it to pack the sides or top of our double wall corrugated cardboard boxes to ensure your items are in place for shipment or storage.
If you are packing fragile items, you can wrap them in our aircap bubble wrap for further protection. Seal the box using any of our range of adhesive tapes and if you need to categorise or sort your boxes, mark them with one of our coloured adhesive tapes.
For reliable, strong pillow packaging with superb protection choose our Novus double air cushioning.

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