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Adhesive Tapes and Special Packing Tapes

Our range of adhesive tapes includes every kind of packing tape you’ll need. As well as everyday brown or clear parcel tape, we have caution tape, warning tape, printed tape, fragile tape, coloured tape, heavy duty security tape and waterproof tape. 

These adhesive tapes are specifically made from premium quality materials to secure and protect your packages while in transit or storage. Our packing tape adheres easily to any clean, smooth surface – and stays stuck.

Our range is completed by double sided tissue tape and masking tape for home and office, and hazard tape for marking dangerous areas.

Custom Printed Tape

For low cost custom packaging choose custom printed tape. Sealing boxes, it is an affordable way to promote your business or alert handlers if products need special care. It can also enhance custom made boxes.

Polypropylene Brown Packing Tape

Polypropylene brown adhesive tape is cheaper than vinyl packaging tape but tough with high resistance to impact and works well at low temperatures. Use it to seal cartons and parcels securely.

Available in packs of 6 rolls!!  Discounts for bulk packs also available!!

Polypropylene Packaging Tape Clear 50mm x 66m 6 Rolls per Pack

With high resistance to impact, our clear polypropylene packing tape works well at low temperatures and is cheaper than vinyl tape. It provides professional-looking clean seals to your cartons and boxes.

Available in packs of 6 rolls!!  Discounts for bulk packs available!!

Low Noise Acrylic Polypropylene Tape - Brown 48mm x 66m 6 rolls per pack

Our low noise acrylic polypropylene packing tape is coated with a water based adhesive making the release of the tape virtually noise free. Environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Quantities of 6 rolls per pack available.  Discounts for ordering bulk packs!!

Low Noise Clear Packing Tape - 48mm x 66m 6 Rolls per Pack

Our acrylic polypropylene low noise packing tape in clear is a virtually noise free cost effective alternative to vinyl (PVC) packing tape. Environmentally friendly, it gives a neat and tight seal.

Quantities of 6 rolls per pack available.  Discounts for ordering bulk packs!!

Premium Vinyl Brown Packing Tape - 6 Rolls per Pack

Our premium quality brown vinyl adhesive tape is the ideal packing solution to a wide range of packaging needs. It is low noise tape, has superb adhesive properties and is long lasting.

Quantities of 6 rolls per pack available in 2 sizes.  Discounts for ordering bulk packs!!

Premium Vinyl Packaging Tape - Clear - 48mm x 66m 6 Rolls per Pack

Ideal for virtually all kinds of packing applications, our premium quality vinyl adhesive tape in clear is a low-noise dispensing tape, which provides high tack adhesion for excellent seals.

Quantities of 6 rolls per pack available.
   Discounts for ordering bulk packs!!

Clear Polypropylene Packing Tape

Our affordable polypropylene clear packing tape is good for a wide range of general office and domestic applications. A good value simple packing tape, it provides clean and professional-looking seals.

Packs of 6 rolls available.  Plus discounts for ordering bulk packs!!

Adhesive Warning Tape – ‘Fragile' Polypropylene

Our polypropylene LOW NOISE adhesive tape printed in red on white with FRAGILE alerts handlers to hazards and helps protect your parcels in transit or storage. A cost effective alternative to premium vinyl caution tapes.

Warning Tape – ‘Fragile’ Premium VINYL

Our premium Vinyl adhesive packing tape printed in red on white with the word FRAGILE is a warning tape to alert handlers to take special care of delicate items. It helps safeguard parcels in the post or storage.

Adhesive Warning Tape – “Glass with Care” - Premium VINYL

Use our GLASS WITH CARE printed tape when packaging glass. Printed red on white the tough vinyl adhesive tape seals parcels and warns handlers to take extra care. Comes in packs of six 50mm x 66m rolls

Warning Tape – ‘Handle With Care’ - Premium VINYL

Our adhesive packing tape is a tough low noise vinyl with the HANDLE WITH CARE warning printed in bold red on white. It seals parcels while calling for special care in shipping or moving house.

Red Tape

Our red adhesive tape is perfect for colour-coding boxes or parcels and can be written on with a permanent marker. Use for labelling, sealing and for art-work and to call attention to warning notices.

Blue Adhesive Tape

Our blue adhesive tape is perfect for colour coding, shipping and storing parcels and boxes.  You can write on the vinyl tape with permanent markers.


Green Adhesive Tape

Use green adhesive tape in offices, schools and warehouses for sealing and colour coding when sorting, mailing or storing boxes. It is also good for art and marking the location of safety equipment.


Orange Tape

Our orange adhesive tape easily sticks permanently to smooth and clean surfaces. The top quality orange vinyl tape is ideal for carton sealing and identification purposes in shipping or storage.

Yellow Adhesive Tape

Use our yellow adhesive tape for sealing, labelling and identifying containers and boxes. It's a clean durable yellow tape, ideal for packing and good for craft work so good for schools and colleges.


Black Adhesive Tape

Our black adhesive tape is excellent for labelling and identifying items in transit or storage. The top quality black tape is durable, tough and adheres permanently to smooth clean surfaces.

White Adhesive Tape

White tape can not only be used as a general adhesive tape, but can also be used in crafts, or for identification purposes when sealing packages or labeling storage boxes.

Tamper Evident Tape

Our top grade tamper evident security tape is a cost-effective way to seal valuable packages and confidential documents. Tamper proof tape is a deterrent, showing an 'open void' message if removed.

Reinforced Security Tape

Our cross weave tape comes in three sizes and is a strong heavy duty adhesive tape reinforced to provide security when packaging, sealing or bundling boxes and cartons. The tape also secures plastic and metal.

Black Gaffer Tape

Strong yet hand-tearable, our heavy duty black gaffer tape has a top quality adhesive. The black duct tape has many applications, conforming to irregular surfaces and highly resistant to dust and water.

Hazard Tape Black and Yellow

Our black and yellow hazard tape is perfect for warning purposes and marking aisles. It's highly visible, strong and resistant to water and tearing. Easy to apply, it's quick to remove when necessary.

General Purpose Double Sided Tissue Tape

Choose double side adhesive / tissue tape as the attractive and perfect substitute for glue, especially for art projects and crafts. Our double-sided sticky tape bonds well, and is ideal for general use and is available in three sizes. 

Masking Tape

Our low residue masking tape in three widths is ideal for a wide range of office, home, craft and school applications. Its easy-to-tear feature makes it a convenient and manageable adhesive tape. Available in three sizes.


Fragile Adhesive Labels / Stickers

Our “Fragile” stickers warn handlers to give extra protection to packages in transit. The printed labels on rolls are self-adhesive and come in 2 sizes. “Handle with Care” is on the larger size.


Tape Guns

With a comfortable grip, our easy to use high quality tape gun is perfect for dispensing heavy-duty packing tapes to seal your cartons and packages, making the bundles stronger and more secure. Available in 2 sizes.


Desktop Tape Dispenser for 25mm & 50mm Adhesive Tape

Our 25mm and 50mm desktop tape dispensers come in two different sizes and are ideal for home and office, with one-handed operation for each pull and cut tape dispenser. Our desktop dispenser is tough and reliable yet economical.

You will be delighted with the versatility and quality of our selection of adhesive tapes. They have a wide application in the warehouse, office and home, whether for packaging, warning or craft projects.

Each of our adhesive packing tapes is designed to deliver strength and durability, from the low cost high value brown economy packing tape to the heavy duty waterproof duct tape. All our packing tapes will protect your parcels while in shipping or storage, while
for bonding purposes our double sided tissue tape is the ideal and attractive substitute to replace glue.
Choose from our range of parcel tape, printed caution tape and tape dispensers, and see for yourself how our products perform. Use our tapes to seal your moving boxes or cartons, and use our warning tapes to ensure your fragile items get the extra protection they require. We have the perfect solution to all your packaging needs.

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