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Packaging Tapes - Vinyl & Polypropylene

We have a wide range of adhesive tapes ideal for all your general packing and packaging applications. Choose from polypropylene tape, available as economy tape or standard parcel tape, acrylic low-noise adhesive tape or premium top quality vinyl packing tape. All these packaging tapes come as clear or brown tapes and are ideal for securely sealing light to medium weight cartons and boxes for transport, shipping, or storage.
Don’t forget to keep on hand clear polypropylene office tape, the general purpose 25mm value packing tape that can be used for a host of jobs.

Polypropylene Brown Packing Tape

Polypropylene brown adhesive tape is cheaper than vinyl packaging tape but tough with high resistance to impact and works well at low temperatures. Use it to seal cartons and parcels securely.

Available in packs of 6 rolls!!  Discounts for bulk packs also available!!

Polypropylene Packaging Tape Clear 50mm x 66m 6 Rolls per Pack

With high resistance to impact, our clear polypropylene packing tape works well at low temperatures and is cheaper than vinyl tape. It provides professional-looking clean seals to your cartons and boxes.

Available in packs of 6 rolls!!  Discounts for bulk packs available!!

Low Noise Acrylic Polypropylene Tape - Brown 48mm x 66m 6 rolls per pack

Our low noise acrylic polypropylene packing tape is coated with a water based adhesive making the release of the tape virtually noise free. Environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Quantities of 6 rolls per pack available.  Discounts for ordering bulk packs!!

Low Noise Clear Packing Tape - 48mm x 66m 6 Rolls per Pack

Our acrylic polypropylene low noise packing tape in clear is a virtually noise free cost effective alternative to vinyl (PVC) packing tape. Environmentally friendly, it gives a neat and tight seal.

Quantities of 6 rolls per pack available.  Discounts for ordering bulk packs!!

Premium Vinyl Brown Packing Tape - 6 Rolls per Pack

Our premium quality brown vinyl adhesive tape is the ideal packing solution to a wide range of packaging needs. It is low noise tape, has superb adhesive properties and is long lasting.

Quantities of 6 rolls per pack available in 2 sizes.  Discounts for ordering bulk packs!!

Premium Vinyl Packaging Tape - Clear - 48mm x 66m 6 Rolls per Pack

Ideal for virtually all kinds of packing applications, our premium quality vinyl adhesive tape in clear is a low-noise dispensing tape, which provides high tack adhesion for excellent seals.

Quantities of 6 rolls per pack available.
   Discounts for ordering bulk packs!!

Clear Polypropylene Packing Tape

Our affordable polypropylene clear packing tape is good for a wide range of general office and domestic applications. A good value simple packing tape, it provides clean and professional-looking seals.

Packs of 6 rolls available.  Plus discounts for ordering bulk packs!!

General purpose polypropylene packaging tapes are the perfect option if you’re on a budget yet want to maintain high adhesive tape standards. Priced from only 58p per roll, they are cheaper than vinyl but still reliable, tough and long-lasting. With a high impact resistance, they are perfect for most packing needs. They are available as brown or clear packaging tapes.
Our low noise adhesive tape, with the benefit of quiet dispensing, is ideal for busy packing departments or areas where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum. Brown or clear, its acrylic adhesive provides excellent adhesion at low cost.
Our premium top quality vinyl packing tape is suitable for all your domestic, office and parcel sealing packaging requirements. Resistant to moisture, oil, chemicals, humidity and temperature changes, this parcel tape is very strong and tear-resistant with excellent adhesive qualities so is especially suitable for products with a long shelf life.
Choose from our handheld and desktop packing tape dispensers to speed up the sealing of your cartons with packaging adhesive tape.

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